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Curso Estudos longitudinais: desenho e execução - Parceria NOVASaúde

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Course Description

Longitudinal studies are an essential component of knowledge and crucial in the field of epidemiology and clinical research. It presents some specific characteristics and requires therefore specific training of doctoral students.

With this Curricular Unit we intend to lay the foundation for students to understand the power of longitudinal studies in the contribution to health, knowledge of pathologies and therapeutic interventions; they will learn how to design, implement and conduct cohort studies, as well as training on epidemiological methods to enable them to design and develop independently research and intervention projects; increase their knowledge and their critical ability regarding published research results; make them autonomous in discussing scientific issues; recognize the limitations of the evidence on which are based many procedures, enhance the taste for curiosity, study and knowledge.


PhD students at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and PhD holders working at NOVA (Researchers, Postdocs and Professors).


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12 h (2 days)

Lectures and practical activities - 12 h

1st day – 6h
1. Longitudinal study - what is it?
2. Types of longitudinal studies
3. Research questions
4. How to design a longitudinal study
5. Ethical and legal aspects
6. The study implementation
7. How to retain participants in the cohort
8. Periodicity and content of the follow-up waves
9. Funding
10. Example of Longitudinal cohorts, studies and analysis

2nd day – 6h
Working Groups - 3h
Students will be divided in groups (4 person each)
They will design a longitudinal study proposal
Presentation and discussion of the draft proposals - 3h


Course Coordinator

Helena Cristina de Matos Canhão


Ana Maria Ferreira Rodrigues

João Valente Cordeiro

José Miguel Caldas de Almeida

Miguel Xavier

Nicoletta Rosati


Attendance and participation in class


Recommended readings

Epidemiology Book: The Uninitiated  - Available here: http://www.bmj.com/about-bmj/resources-readers/publications/epidemiology-uninitiated/7-longitudinal-studies

Description of the cohort Framingham - Available here: www.framinghamheartstudy.org/participants/original.php

Project SHARE - Available here: http://www.share-project.org/ 

Further reading will be available during classes.