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Concert Acordai! (Wake up!)

25 April 2024

NOVA participates in the great commemorative concert on the 25th of April at the Peace and Friendship Pavilion in Loures with the Nova FCSH Musical Sciences Degree Student Choir. 

At this event, the unprecedented arrangement of Tanto Mar by Chico Buarque, by Sara Ross, and the commission to João Guilherme Ripper of the piece Sinfonia de Abril will be presented as an absolute premiere, resulting from the collaboration that NOVA Cultura has established between Metropolitana, the Centre of Sociology and Musical Aesthetics Studies of NOVA FCSH and Metropolitana. 

Entrance to the event is free, but tickets must be reserved by email before 21 April. 


Acordai! (Wake up!) 

Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra 

Participatory Choir 

Loures Conservatory of Arts 

CoraLiCiMus - Nova FCSH Musical Sciences Degree Student Choir 


L.v. Beethoven Symphony No. 5 

Anne Victorino d'Almeida April Stories 

João Guilherme Ripper Sinfonia de Abril (world premiere) 

Fernando Lopes Graça Heroic Songs (arr. Luís Cardoso) 

Chico Buarque Tanto Mar (arrangement for choir and orchestra by Sara Ross) 


Isaac Fernandes and Pedro Galego [Conservatório Artallis] Conductors of the participating choirs 

Alberto José Vieira Pacheco Conductor of CoraLiCiMus 

José Eduardo Gomes Conductor