pixel NOVA hosts the festival show "PERIFERIAS | Toi, Moi, Tituba... | Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

NOVA hosts the festival show "PERIFERIAS | Toi, Moi, Tituba...

1 March 2024

NOVA Cultura, in partnership with NEAL-FCSH (Núcleo de Estudantes Africanos e Lusophones), will host on the 1st of March a show produced by Chão de Oliva and integrated into the Periferias 2024 Festival "Toi, Moi, Tituba...".    

"PERIPHERIES | Toi, Moi, Tituba... | 1 Mar, 19:30 | Auditorium of the Rectory of NOVA University Lisbon, Campolide 

The 13th edition of PERIFERIAS - International Festival of Performing Arts, promoted by Chão de Oliva, opens with a show by the renowned choreographer Dorothée Munyaneza, from the Compagnie Kadidi (France). 

A performance that features the artist's participation in dialogue with music and sounds created for the show by the musician Khyam Allami, creating a space in which memory can resonate. She dances and sings in the name of all those whose existence was denied by the colonial system. The work celebrates unheard and untold stories and lives, of the Guyanese great-grandmother of Elsa Dorlin, or Tituba, a Caribbean woman persecuted in the Salem witch trials. 

Photography by Elodie Paul. 

Free tickets for the NOVA community, by booking at cultura@unl.pt 

Tickets for the general public are available from Ticketline