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Cycle of Conversations about Mars

Ciclo Conversas sobre Marte
15 December 2018


NOVA Institute of Chemical and Biological Technology (ITQB NOVA), Institute of Astrophysics and Space Sciences and Centro Cultural de Belém are co-producing a cycle of conversations with researchers on the reasons for sending manned missions to Mars.

The sessions will be held at the Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon between October of this year and January 2019. The talks will be thematic, covering the range of issues that arise when we consider leaving our home planet and testing human endurance on a journey as long, as far as ever before, and to an environment as inhospitable as Mars.

Each session brings together two invited researchers who will answer questions posed by the public and moderated by well-known science journalists. Conversations are followed by astronomical observations with telescopes, weather permitting.

The talk cycle also features National Geographic as media partner.

Schedule Conversation Cycle

After decades of success, failure, and determination, the dream of having your feet firmly on Mars is an increasingly real fiction. MARTE 2030 is a cycle of four conversations in interaction with the public in which researchers will talk about the possibility of living on the red planet.


Session 1 - Life on Mars - October 13, 2018

Adriano Henriques (ITQB NOVA) and Zita Martins (ISTécnico)

Moderation: David Marçal (INOVA Media Lab)

Session 2 - Going to Mars - 17 November 2018

Pedro Fevereiro (ITQB NOVA) and Rui Agostinho (IA)

Moderation: Teresa Firmino (Público)

Session 3Surviving on Mars - December 15, 2018

Isabel Abreu (ITQB NOVA) and Pedro Machado (IA)

Moderation: Vera Novais (Observador)

Session 4 - Beyond Mars - January 12, 2019

Ricardo Louro (ITQB NOVA) and Nuno Cardoso Santos (IA)

Moderation: Sara Sá (Visão)


Cartaz Ciclo de Conferências sobre Marte