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Nomadic Territories - Os Passos em Volta - Trafaria

Territórios nómadas - foto de Joana Braga
25 June 2022 to 26 June 2022

June 2021 - October 2022

Curators: Joana Braga, Margarida Brito Alves and Margarida Medeiros

Part of the T-Factor project, Nomadic Territories is a cycle of walks that aims to contribute to the understanding of Trafaria through direct engagement with the place and its diverse communities.
In this sense, and from routes that will be defined by invited participants, Trafaria will be crossed based on different perspectives and approached not only as a territory with specific geographical and physical characteristics, but also as a place that incorporates stories and memories, or as a political and social space.

Photo: Joana Braga

Performance piece by Diogo Alvim and Joana Braga with video by Tânia Moreira David

Saturday and Sunday, 25th and 26th June, 5.30 p.m.

Os Passos em Volta - Trafaria is a performative journey that intuits immersion in the details of the places it passes through by invoking silence, listening and a tactile perception of the world. It proposes a choreographic reading of the walk along a fragmented trajectory in small stretches, to which sound and video fragments are juxtaposed that raise a reconfiguration of those places and unveil their relations with a widened space and temporality.

At a time when the various dimensions of life seem to be subordinated to a productivist regime, how can we think of the temporality of delay that the act of walking summons up? How do we experience this dilation of the present? In this time marked by the need for the new and the programmed obsolescence of places and objects, how can we think of what lasts beyond its functional utility? How can attention to the qualities of obsolete spaces confront us with what reduces everything to its exchange value? Fragment, obsolescence, memory, uncertainty, openness to the future, how does the ruin potentiate a renewed look at the present?

The incomplete remnant of a wall or the broken pieces of a stonework bear witness to the survival of construction to the forces of destruction: the earthquake, the advancing waters, the siege of war, the nuclear threat and the ravages of capitalist innovation. These persistent fragments reveal its potency as a shelter. Os Passos em Volta - Trafaria is a performative journey on the cliff of Trafaria in which the present is illuminated as a field of ruins.

This is the first public moment of the project The Footsteps in Return, evoking Herberto Hélder, which explores walking as a form of research and artistic practice. Starting from research and practices located in three different places - Trafaria, Caldas da Rainha and Lisbon - three site-specific performances are developed that problematize and reinvent the forms and rhythms with which we relate to space. Os Passos em Volta is a project financed by Direção Geral das Artes.

Registrations: nomadasterritoriosnomadas@gmail.com

Meeting point: 38°39'37.70 "N 9°14'6.70 "W (a map with directions will be sent after registration)

Aproximate duration: 2h

Max. no. of participants: 20

Age range: young people and adults

It is strongly advised to wear closed shoes and trousers.
We suggest you bring a hat, water and sunscreen.