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Podcast Contos da Trafaria (Tales of Trafaria) - GuettoFam

Contos da Trafaria - Guetto Fam
30 May 2023

GUETTOFAM (Mário; Gi and Dog (of the Guns)

GuettoFam is a family, one of those that wejust have to hang out with for an evening, so that a genuine sense of Family invades us.. And we just stand there grateful to be able to witness such fellowship, respect, reality and an immense desire to change it.
They live what they sing, and the music they make is the translation of their life and their reflections. It is through music that Mário, Gi, and with Dog's (from G.U.N.S) incentive fulfil their mission. With Rap as vehicle, transformer of consciences, they know the power of the Word.

Tuesday 30 May at 7pm, come and listen live to the launch of the 9th episode of "Tales of Trafaria" with GUETTOFAM at Largo da Associação , Bairro do 2º Torrão - Trafaria. (See location on map)

After the audition, there will be a reflection/participated conversation with the presence of the intervenients and of all those who want to join.

To listen: TUESDAY 30 May at 7pm also on the platforms:
Youtube; Spotify and Soundclaud of Olissipo Radio, and on the website of the Council of the Union of the Parishes of Caparica and Trafaria.

About the Tales of Trafaria:

From the meeting between the T-Factor project (Horizonte 2020) and the artist Marta Miranda, emerged the initiative "Contos da Trafaria", a podcast of 12 episodes about the cultural, associative and artistic movement of the Lands of Trafaria, Almada. The podcast is coordinated by Carla Fernandes, coordinator of the Performance & Cognition research group of ICNOVA. The podcast gives voice to personalities and institutions from Trafaria, allowing the preservation of the community's history told by itself and creating a digital repository of memories of emblematic people from Trafaria. The episodes are released at a weekly pace, on the usual platforms. Some episodes are marked by "premiere" events in the community, with a collective public hearing, followed by a conversation/debate.