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Slam Poetry Trafaria

26 June 2022

The Institute of Art and Technology of NOVA University Lisbon, which will soon be installed in the former prison of Trafaria, through the T-Factor Project, has opens registrations for a series of events around Slam Poetry during the month of June, in Trafaria.

Since its origins in Chicago in 1984, Slam Poetry has expanded in many countries, particularly Portuguese-speaking ones, addressing issues of great topicality.

We will, together with the population of Trafaria (but open to participants from all locations), work in 3 stages:

1. Slamaris (18 and 19 June - Trafaria Casino): workshops aimed at motivating interest and passion for this form of expression, inviting slam artists to show their work and teach the fundamentals of the relationship between word, voice and body. Trainers: Luís Perdigão and Nuno Piteira.

2. Slamistoso (25th June - Casino Trafaria): after the knowledge sharing, the participants will have the opportunity to test their performances in an open event, with the same format as a poetry slam but without rankings. We will give space for the presentation of the performance "2700 Days of Iron" with Perdigão and Piteira.

3. Poetry Slam Trafaria (June 26th - Trafaria Casino): the participants of the previous rounds will compete against each other in a championship, in which the 3 best performances will be classified. The prizes will be FNAC shop vouchers worth 400 euros, 300 euros and 200 euros (1st, 2nd and 3rd place). The 1st place winner will participate in the National Final in Aveiro.

Places are limited and registration is entirely free.

18 JUN - 10h30 to 17h00
19 JUN - 11h00 to 18h00
25 JUN - 18h00 às 20h30
26 JUN - 18h00 às 20h30

Registrations and Information: