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Metropolitan Academic Orchestra - Philip Glass: The Light

13 December 2019
Reitoria da NOVA, Campus de Campolide


Friday, December 13, at 9:00 pm, at the Auditorium of the Rectorate of NOVA University.

Music and science share the mystery of knowledge among themselves. There were times when they maintained such a close relationship that they did not distinguish themselves, in the conviction that music contained the "numerical solution" that would unravel the enigmas of the universe. In the modern era, the musical phenomenon favored the aesthetic and social dimensions, whether in the condition of artistic work, whether as a sound landscape or celebration of our lives.

Philip Glass celebrated science in the orchestral work The Light, namely the centenary of the research carried out in 1887 by Albert Michelson and Edward Morley on the relative movement of matter, which found the uniform speed of light and paved the way for foundation of Albert Einstein's theory of relativity. Framed in the characteristics of minimal music, the score exposes a dramatization of the path that leads from the unknown to the exaltation of discovery.

The program is completed with two works by Gabriel Fauré dating back to that period. First, the orchestral styling of a cutting dance based on a pre-existing piano piece, precisely dated 1887. Then, four of the musical plays that, in 1898, the French composer added to an English theatrical production of Maurice Maeterlinck's symbolist text, Pelléas et Mélisande.

G. Fauré Pavane, Op. 50
G. Fauré Suíte da música da peça teatral Pélleas et Mélisande, Op. 80
Philip Glass A Luz
Jean-Marc Burfin e/ou Alunos do Curso de Direção de Orquestra da ANSO

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