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"Causa | Efeito" Festival - The new jazz at NOVA

28 June 2023 to 1 July 2023

Between June 28th and July 1st, 13 concerts will bring music to NOVA's Campolide Campus. Tickets are now on sale, with special prices for the NOVA community.


As part of the celebrations of its 50th anniversary, Universidade Nova presents a four-day festival on the Campus de Campolide featuring a careful selection of some of the most innovative jazz musicians from the Portuguese and international scene. The programme was organised by Pedro Costa (Clean Feed Records).

Thinking about the current state of jazz and its causes and effects; the female presence, the redefinition of jazz paradigms and improvisation with unlikely instruments, from the accordion to electronics, from tap dancing, pedal steel guitar and lusophone to turntables, are the guiding principles of Causa | Efeito.

From unprecedented encounters such as Susana Santos Silva with Carlos Bica or João Barradas with Hugo Carvalhais, to the premiere in Portugal of "One Small Step", a unique tap dance project in the world, to a concert for families with Isabel Rato, there are several proposals to celebrate the principle of improvisation: from this Festival will come clues for the future, innovation, discovery, surprise.

Conceived with the dual function of diagnosing the paths of new jazz and of showing national experimentation jazz to national and foreign critics and curators, the Festival will take place in the spaces of the University – Rectorate and Colégio Almada Negreiros – and proposes itself as a catalyst for dialogue between NOVA's culture of innovation and its research and experimentation in artistic practice. The Festival includes activities with national and international journalists and programmers, specially invited to accompany the festival, and with Jazz scholars, involving NOVA research, so that the future is studied in the present. It also includes an educational concert, designed for younger audiences and families, promoting the discovery of unknown sounds.