pixel Concert/Conference: "The Water Challenge” | Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Concert/Conference: "The Water Challenge”

7 June 2024

"Water is life. Water is river, lake, sea, ice, cloud and rain. Water is science, art, cinema, music, literature and poetry. Water is philosophy and religion. Water is a challenge. Clear as water! 

On the 7th of June at 7 pm, the auditorium of NOVA FCT will host "the water challenge", a concert/conference led by José J.G. Moura, Full Professor and Director of the NOVA FCT Library.   

The Lisbon Metropolitan Orchestra will perform the compositions "G. F. Händel Música Aquática, Suíte N.º 1, HWV 348" and "G. F. Händel Música Aquática, Suíte N.º 2, HWV 349". 


Entrance to the event is free. 

More information at the Metropolitana website