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EUTOPIA Talks debut at NOVA Cairo

11 February 2024

The NOVA campus in the Egyptian capital, the first of a Portuguese university outside the national territory, will host a series of lectures throughout 2024 with top researchers from the various partners of EUTOPIA, the alliance of European universities to which NOVA belongs.

Entitled "Bridging Continents through Scientific Dialogues", the brand new EUTOPIA Talks invite the entire EUTOPIA community to connect with the NOVA campus in Cairo, where the latest approaches will be presented to local students.

The aim is to transfer knowledge and methodologies to NOVA students in Egypt and to promote the added value of EUTOPIA beyond Europe, having already established several partnerships with other international universities. In addition, a series of specific webinars are planned to follow the lectures to further strengthen the links between all researchers in the alliance.

The first in this series, scheduled for 11 February, from 10:00 to 12:00 GMT, will be given by Antonio Luna Garcia, Associate Professor at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, and will focus on "Cities on the Edge. Sustainability challenges for Mediterranean cities. Tales from Barcelona" - Antonio Luna García will present the challenges facing contemporary Mediterranean cities, exploring issues such as housing, mobility, governance, and urban metabolism.

Using Barcelona as a case study, Luna García will also analyse how Mediterranean cities have faced and adapted to these challenges in the past.

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