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Festival Rescaldo - Double Concert at the NOVA Rectory Auditorium

9 February 2024

On the 9th of February, a double concert by the Folclore Impressionista collective and Tó Trips will take place at the Rectory Auditorium. These concerts are part of the programme of the Rescaldo Festival, which will take place from 7 to 10 February, and in which we are a partner, together with Galeria ZDB, TBA, and SMUP - each of the partners will receive a double concert, on different days.

The Rescaldo Festival, which since 2007 has been one of the privileged spaces for celebrating the vitality and plurality of national adventurous music, is back, paying special attention to names and projects that continue to push the boundaries of music and explore new sonic territories.

True to its identity, Rescaldo brings together historical names that continue to leave their unique and contemporary mark, as well as creators from the new generation in the full development of their careers, emerging values from different sound spectrums, unimaginable miscegenations, and unique collaborations created especially for the festival.

The first part of the concert will be Impressionist Folklore. A collective founded in 2016 by João Paulo Daniel, in complicity with António Caramelo and Sérgio Silva, Folclore Impressionista operates around the idea of fading - of memory, of landscape, of what is hidden beyond the visible - closely linked to the concept of 'eerieness' as conceived by Mark Fisher.

With two albums - 'A New Sensation: Music for Television' and 'Idea of Nature - and several pieces on compilations, 7" and cassette, they are among the most avid cultivators of 'hauntology'. As postulated by Simon Reynolds, in this field they engineer a musical and visual correspondence informed by library music, kösmiche, folk, and working-class utopias, in an escapist time-space where past and future are confused.

An hour later, at 10:30 pm, the stage will be taken by Tó Trips, who has a substantial but never imposing presence in the musical movement of this country, who has already accumulated practically four decades of guitar toil, in a rare case of resilience and constant reinvention.

Having worked with the mythical Santa Maria, Gasolina em Teu Ventre and forming Lulu Blind in the 90s, and Dead Combo at the beginning of this century, alongside the late Pedro Gonçalves, Tó Trips has left us a respectable estate, which has been continued solo with blessed patience.

Having released his third album under his name last year - 'Popular Jaguar' on Revolve -, mediated by the formation of Club Makumba and the creation of the soundtrack for 'Surdina' by Rodrigo Areias, eight years after 'Guitarra Makaka - Danças an Unknown God', Trips reaffirms his almost intuitive language to the instrument, capable of encompassing different stories and latitudes that range from the memory of master Paredes to the landscapes of Ry Cooder, from the spaces of Ennio Morricone to the Ginga of Marc Ribot, to this Lisbon that is disappearing.

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