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StartUp Research Presentation

StartUp Research
26 June 2018

StartUp Research, a new graduate programme to foster entrepreneurship skills in young scientists is launched today, as a partnership between a research institute (ITQB NOVA) and a School of Business and Economics (Nova SBE). For 3 months, scientists will learn how to turn knowledge and ideas into value by learning with researchers, entrepreneurs and companies. This new course wants to bring economic and business skills as part of the scientific training of a PhD.

The official launch of the StartUp Research programme will take place at ITQB NOVA in Oeiras.


17h30 Welcome and Intro
Cláudio Soares, ITQB NOVA Dean
Daniel Traça, Nova SBE Dean

17h50 Programme Presentation – Structure and Objectives
Miguel Santos, StartUp Research Coordinator

18h00 RoundTable

Cristina Silva Pereira, ITQB NOVA group leader

Miguel Muñoz, Nova SBE Venture Lab
Orfeu Flores, ITQB NOVA Alumni and StabLab CEO
Isabel Rocha, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa Pro-Rector for Innovation

José Ferreira Machado, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa Vice-Rector

18h45 Closure
João Sàágua, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa Rector