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UNICA Student Conference at NOVA - EVENT POSTPONED TO 2021

UNICA Student Conference
28 June 2020 to 1 July 2020
Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, Campus de Campolide



We inform that the UNICA Student Conference, initially scheduled from June 28 to July 2, was postponed to 2021, to a date yet to be defined.
However, still in 2020, there will be a virtual webinar, on June 29, between 2 pm and 5:30 pm (Lisbon time). Learn more about this initiative.

NOVA University of Lisbon will host the UNICA Student Conference 2020, an initiative that will bring together 200 to 300 students at the Campolide Campus, from June 28 to July 2, for a series of activities related to the theme of Higher Education. In addition to NOVA, the initiative is co-organized by the University of Lisbon.

Taking in consideration that UNICA is a network of 53 universities from 37 capitals of Europe, the theme for this conference, "Dream your University in the capital city!", focuses precisely on the students' vision and ideas about the university in a capital city.

By combining keynote speeches, hard work in the discussion groups and social activities, the Conference provides students with a unique possibility of meeting their peers from other European countries and to share their views on meaningful issues related to HE. Students are also encouraged to formulate opinions and recommendations that can be voiced within the UNICA network as well as to relevant stakeholders and give rise to new challenging initiatives.

UNICA Student Conference


UNICA is an institutional network of universities in the capitals of Europe. Founded in 1990, it currently comprises 53 universities in 37 European capitals, combining more than 175,000 university staff and 1,950,000 students. Through the various activities that the network promotes and projects in which is involved, UNICA provides a forum in which the Members can reflect on the needs of strategic change in university research, education, administration, and societal engagement. Know more about the network here

About UNICA Student Conference

Initiated in 2000 by Freie Universität Berlin, the first university to advocate the involvement of students in the activities of the network, the UNICA Student Conference is now an established and joyful UNICA tradition. The Conference gathers every 2-3 years 200 to 300 students from UNICA Member universities whose enthusiasm and ideas bring a breath of fresh air to the network. Discover all editions of the UNICA Student Conference

About the theme "Dream your University in the capital city!"

Due to their location in capital cities, UNICA universities are intrinsically urban: a specificity bringing with it many opportunities but also big responsibilities and challenges which require ambitious vision and innovative thought to be addressed. The UNICA Student Conference 2020 seeks to make the voice and the dreams of students heard about what should the role of Universities in capital cities be in the future and how HE Institutions might tackle major urban challenges.

The main theme will be structured in different topics (see below), which will be discussed in 10 Students’ Fora. All information about the conference is available on UNICA's website.