pixel "Benefit-finding intervention for dementia caregivers", with Prof. Sheung-Tak Cheng | Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

"Benefit-finding intervention for dementia caregivers", with Prof. Sheung-Tak Cheng

Benefit-finding intervention for dementia caregivers
23 March 2018
Senade's Room of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa


NOVAhealth is organizing on March 23, at 2.30 pm, a session regarding positive ageing entitled Benefit-finding intervention for dementia caregivers, with Prof. Sheung-Tak Cheng, specialist in the area of ageing psychology.

The work of Prof. Sheung-Tak Cheng focus on well succedeed ageing, intergenerational transference of social capital and social media and ageing, as well as on depression and suicide in ageing. He is involved in the development of interventions for informal caregivers and families of people with dementia, such as the method benefit-finding intervention for dementia caregivers (an intervention focused in positive rewordings).

The session will be presented by Prof. Gonçalves Pereira (NMS/FCM-UNL, CEDOC/CHRC and Nova Ageing), psychiatrist and family therapist. At the end there will be a moment for discussion.

Entrance in this event is free but subject to registration through the registration form.

Check the invitation to this event as well.