pixel V Workshop of Epidemiology NOVA/DGS - February 23 | Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

V Workshop of Epidemiology NOVA/DGS - February 23

V Workshop Epidemiologia NOVASaúde
23 February 2018
Reitoria da Universidade NOVA de Lisboa


The Rectorate of NOVA receives on February 23 of 2018 the V Workshop of Epidemiology, an event organized by NOVAhealth in partnership with Direção Geral de Saúde.

The preferential topic will be the Epidemiology of Respiratory Diseases. but other papers in the epidemiologic area will be considered as well.

This workshop is meant for health professionals, researchers and students of NOVA and has the purpose of presenting papers that allow discussion (presentation in 10/15 minutes, followed by debate).

Registration in this workshop must be done through the registration form

Check the program and the invitation to the V Workshop of Epidemiology (in Portuguese).