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Developing Supervisory Skills Course

Curso de Desenvolvimento de Competências de Supervisão


Course Description

Supervisor training at NOVA provides professional development opportunities to Ph.D. supervisors. The aims of the course are to inform and to discuss supervision in general and the role of the supervisor at NOVA. The training also aims to enhance the supervisors’ professional competencies by offering training in the same transversal domains of the Ph.D. students’ courses.

Although supervision is one of the most crucial elements of the academic work, most current supervisors receive no specific supervisory training during their careers. This course aims to fill that gap, focusing specifically on the student–supervisor relationship as a key element in success of a PhD journey. Topics covered in this 2-day course include:

  • Framework of supervision
  • Interpersonal relation
  • Leadership, motivation and self-knowledge
  • The process of supervision in practice
  • Identifying problems
  • Managing conflicts

At the end, we expect that the course may provide the participants a framework that can help them to expand the range of approaches that a supervisor should use in routine work.

Learning objectives

  • To give participants the knowledge that will allow them to understand the framework of post-graduate supervision, namely the issues related with the complex interaction between student and supervisor.
  • To become aware of the relevance of leadership, motivation and self-knowledge in the process of supervision.
  • To clarify the specific issues of adult learning that might be relevant to the supervision task.
  • To identify the most common problems that might arise during the supervision.
  • To be able to manage common conflicts using an adequate approach.


Supervisor training at NOVA provides professional development opportunities to NOVA Ph.D. students' Supervisors (PhD holders: professors, researchers and post-docs).


4rd edition:  03/12 (tue) and 04/12 (wed) | 9.30 am – 5.30 pm | Venue: NOVA’s Rectorate


Course Coordinators
Miguel Xavier
António Jacinto
João Sevilhano
José Bleck
Miguel Xavier
Pedro Mateus


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