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Research Ethics [Ética da Investigação]





Course Description

Research ethics is a hot topic. Conducting research is a fascinating but challenging activity that involves very different ethical issues, such as bias, fraud, plagiarism, conflicts of interest, falsification of research results, informed consent, attribution of authorship and adequacy of peer review publication processes. Through a combination of theory and practice, during this course students will critically analyse research ethics topics and case studies and learn how to manage and evaluate a research project, all the way from design to publication, from an ethical standpoint. Importantly, during this dynamic course, students will also be encouraged to reflect on the impact of new technologies and social trends on research ethics and discuss their ideas on how to build adequate codes of conduct to regulate research activity. By understanding and critically debating research ethics-specific issues, students will assimilate the importance of scientific integrity while acquiring key reasoning skills that will significantly increase the scientific quality and impact of their future research. 

Key Topics

  • Fundamentals of Ethics and Bioethics
  • The History of Research Ethics
  • Scientific Misconduct
  • Conflicts of interest and Publishing biases
  • Ethical Planning and Conduction of a Research Project 


PhD students at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa
PhD holders working at NOVA (Professors, researchers,...)


24th edition / 24.ª edição: 12-19 JUN 2024

In Person / Presencial 



Course Coordinators

Paula Lobato Faria, PhD (Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública, ENSP/NOVA) pa.lobfaria@ensp.unl.pt

João Valente Cordeiro, PhD (Escola Nacional de Saúde Pública, ENSP/NOVA) joao.cordeiro@ensp.unl.pt


Assessment Methodologies

Student in class participation and multiple choice test.

1 ECTS | 2 days

Activities Number of Hours
Lectures/Seminars/Tutorials 16
Reading/Self-Study 10
Assessment (participação oral, revisão e preparação para o teste, teste de escolha múltipla) 2
Total 28

Main Bibliography

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Note: During the sessions a selection of relevant articles and electronic bibliography will be distributed.