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Value Creation Course - 7th edition


Objectives of the Course

This course presents effective tools to create value for any idea. This idea might be for example a product, service, technology, concept, patent, start-ups, person or. It assembles the most comprehensive research on the topics of entrepreneurship, technology transfer, new product development and marketing with the lecturer’s methodologies. The tools presented in the course have already been proved to be critical to create value for labs, start-ups, SMEs businesses, Fortune 500 multinationals, NGOs, and personal careers. By applying these tools, participants will be able to transform simple ideas into ambitious projects. 

The Value Creation program is specifically designed to help participants understand:

  • How to increase the value of the services, technologies and/or products they currently work with?
  • How to perform simultaneously in both local and global markets?
  • How to grow and increase value through new products, services, innovations and capabilities?
  • How to grow and increase value by acquiring new customers and addressing new market needs?
  • How to create constant value to keep existing customers?
  • How increase their personal value in the marketplace?



PhD students at Universidade NOVA de Lisboa.

PhD holders working at NOVA (Professors, researchers,...) 

Who should attend?

Everyone that wishes to transform challenges into opportunities as well as bring a simple idea (e.g. product, service, technology, personal brand) to the market. More specifically:

Doctoral, post-doctoral and professors interested in the topics of value creation that help to:

  • Find a job or to increase their own value in the current job
  • Bring services, products and technologies to the market
  • Develop successful go-to-market and internationalization strategies
  • Become more effective in personal branding, marketing, sales, innovation, R&D management, entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and consultancy.


7th edition: 31/10 and 7/11/2017 (Tuesdays) | 9am - 6pm | Venue: NOVA School of Business and Economics | This edition will be held in Portuguese (NEW)


Course Coordinator & Lecturer:

Prof. Luís Filipe Lages, PhD


- Presentation of final coursework (100%):

The projects provide participants a very tangible and direct understanding about the tools to grow in saturated markets. As such, the evaluation approach with this course is based in the presentation of these projects. 

Study Load 

Lectures / Practical activities - 16 hrs
Independent working hours - 10 hrs

1 ECTS (2 days)


Day 1 (morning): 
How to create value for services, technologies, products, patents and people in the Marketplace

  • How to develop a GloCal vision that satisfies the needs of both local and global markets?
  • How to create value for services, technologies, products and people?
  • How to become more competitive and a GloCal marketing success?
  • How to grow in highly saturated markets?
  • How to develop our own personal brand?

Day 1 (afternoon):
Creating value through market selection

  • Which tools can be used for segmentation, targeting and positioning?
  • How to select and target the markets of interest using a GloCal funnel?
  • Which markets are feasible and attractive?

Day 2 (morning): 
Creating value while innovating

  • How to differentiate through innovation and make competitors irrelevant?
  • How to increase customer value while reducing costs?
  • How to incorporate the various stakeholders in the development of innovations?

Day 2 (afternoon): 
Using Marketing Planning for Value Creation and Growth

  • How to integrate the insights from this course into a go-to-market plan?
  • How to put the marketing plan into action (3Ms)?
  • When implementing the marketing plan, what obstacles do we come across?
  • Group presentation of final projects.

Pre-course preparation (optional):

For students that wish to be better prepared for the course, before the beginning please make a summary of the different steps of a marketing plan. The different steps of a marketing plan are discussed in several slides (password: “mkt “) and in 6 short-videos available in my website:  http://www.lflages.com/mkt (if you have difficulties in opening the videos, you may also find them at: http://www.youtube.com/user/maclinuxmaclinux).

Recommended Textbooks:

Doyle, Peter & P. Stern (2006), “Marketing Management and Strategy”, FT Prentice Hall, 4Ed.
R.C. Dorf, T.H. Byers & A. J. Nelson (2011), “Technology Ventures: From Idea to Enterprise”, 3rd ed., McGraw-Hill Int’l Ed.