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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is and what are the goals of NOVA Mentor Network?

The existence of a network of mentors with demonstrated experience and skills is crucial for the development of NOVA’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Besides sharing their knowledge and experience, a mentor can help to define proper business strategies, build bridges between aspiring entrepreneurs and potential partners, customers or investors, facilitating access to critical resources, adding value and improving the conditions for the success of a project or business idea.

The main goal of this mentor network is to support and consolidate entrepreneurial initiatives, encouraging the sharing of experiences, skills and know how between entrepreneurs and mentors, while bridging mentors’ expertise with the needs of spin-offs/startups.

What are the benefits of this mentor network?

Facilitated access to a network of experts with diverse skills, willing to advice, sharing experiences, motivating, building bridges and contributing with their critical capacity to anticipate problems and discuss solutions, aiming to increase the likelihood of success of a project or business idea.

How can I get in touch with a mentor?

To reach out a mentor, you only need to choose one from this list and fill the “Contact” form. The Value Creation Office should validate the contact and forward the question to the respective mentor.

NOVA University of Lisbon does not certify nor is responsible for the content and information supplied by the mentors.

Who can be a mentor?

Every member of NOVA’s community can be a mentor as long as they have the proven skillset and experience to support entrepreneurship projects, either from a scientific, technological, organizational or business perspective, including:

  • Alumni or students who are today experienced leaders or managers of startups or established companies;
  • Professors with relevant expertise to help developing innovative business ideas;
  • Other individuals (internal or external) with management skills and/or proven merit in other key areas, willing to support and advise entrepreneurs throughout the development of their business ideas.

If you want to be a mentor and believe you have the right skills to help NOVA entrepreneurs, please fill out this form.

Why be part of NOVA Mentor Network?

Being a mentor is an act of altruism. Motivations for mentoring can vary widely and may include:

  • Giving back to the University or society in general;
  • Enjoyment to support the development of innovative business ideas and to contribute for the success of new ventures;
  • Contribute to the social and economic valorization of the research and knowledge produced at NOVA;
  • Personal satisfaction in sharing experiences and knowledge;
  • Keep up to date with new technological or scientific developments, refreshing your own knowledge and refining leadership skills.

What do we expect from a mentor?

  • Participate in pro bono mentoring activities;
  • Accept being contacted through the Value Creation Office and answer questions raised by students, employees or other members of the NOVA community involved in innovation and entrepreneurship activities, as far as possible;
  • Provide at least one hour of their time per month for mentoring activities (this time may extended as long as it is agreed by mentor and mentored)

Do you want to know more about NOVA Mentor Network?

For other questions or doubts, please contact novaempreendedorismo@unl.pt