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Starters Academy

Starters Academy

This course (2nd semester) was created to give NOVA students the basic tools to create a startup. Either you are an entrepreneur already or just aiming to be one, here you'll have the chance to learn the right steps. This is a multidisciplinary class: you'll have students from all over the University so you can create the most awesome teams. And besides all of this, you will enjoy a new way of thinking, working and living. Submissions are simple: you just need to register and we'll get back to you soon.

Starters Academy: Creating and Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures

This course is designed to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of the best students of NOVA. Its aim is to provide participants with the basic tools so they can devise a business initiative and turn it into reality. Therefore, it covers the basics of entrepreneurship and business management within an applied perspective.

Students will be selected from the whole University, both Portuguese and foreigner, with the requirement that the composition of work teams comprises students with the greatest possible diversity of backgrounds. The students will receive a diploma of participation in this course.

Starters Academy: Creating and Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures

Course aims

This course has been designed to attract the best and most entrepreneurial students from all of NOVA schools and departments. No previous formal education on business is required. It was designed to foster and develop entrepreneurial skills and knowledge among a small number of exceptionally qualified participants. Thus, although this is a course about business foundations, it has a strong emphasis on the development of students’ abilities and skills, especially on these more directly related with the forming of corporate and social ventures.

The broad basis of students profiles – spreading from all campuses and departments of the university – is expected to contribute to a cross-fertilisation between participants, providing them with a multi-cultural experience and to demand them to work in groups formed with students from different NOVA schools. Such purpose is enhanced by purposely promoting this course with foreign Erasmus/Socrates students. Multiculturality is also enhanced by a diverse faculty profile, ranging from many NOVA departments. To provide students with a different perspective, the course will close with a session on social entrepreneurship.

A hands-on approach will be motivated with a clear emphasis on the development of a business plan. 

Course aims

Learning Objectives

  • What are companies and how are they formed
  • Evolution of a company’s organisational structure as it grows from an entrepreneurial venture to a mature organisation
  • Analysis of an entrepreneurial opportunity
  • Analysis of markets and competitor firms and products
  • Marketing principles and value creation
  • Marketing strategy: segmentation, positioning and targeting
  • Managing the technology innovation process
  • Protecting  and monetising Intellectual Property
  • Organising and managing entrepreneurial teams
  • Managing production
  • Business plan preparation
  • Financing new ventures
  • The social entrepreneurship perspective

Teaching and learning

The course will have 3-hour classes on a weekly basis.

Students will be organized into groups. Each group will have at least two people from different NOVA schools. Groups will work on assigned case-study reports and develop and prepare a business plan. 

Teaching and learning


Students' grades will be based upon the following:

  • Group Business Plan (50%) ( evolution from executive summary until the business plan 40%+ final pitch 10%)
  • EntrepSim: startup simulation game (40%)
  • Class attendance (10%)

EntrepSim: Startup Simulation Game 

EntrepSim entrepreneurship simulation is an advanced business simulation of fast-growing innovative ventures developed by academics and venture capitalists as a pedagogical tool to be used as a complement to entrepreneurship teaching and training.

EntrepSim: Startup Simulation Game 

Academy Classes

Classes will be held every wednesday from 5 pm until 8 pm from February 13 until May 22 in different locations within Lisbon: 


  1. Team building
  2. Introduction to the Entrepreneurial Process
  3. Design thinking
  4. Business Model Canvas
  5. Marketing principles
  6. Management Team
  7. From idea to business: The technology, product or service
  8. IP issues
  9. Business Planning
  10. Financing New Ventures
  11. Termsheets / Details on the Use of Funds
  12. Social Entrepreneurship
  13. How to pitch

The semester ends with the: 

  • Final Pitch

Field trips 

At Starters Academy we really want to show you the ecossystem and for that some of our classes are outside in different amazing places. Last years' field trips:

  • Startup Lisboa
  • Beta-i
  • Fábrica de Startups
  • Madan Parque


Starters Academy - NOVA
Fábrica de Startups


How to apply?

It's easy:

  1. Fill in the registration form;
  2. If everything is accordingly at the student's school, the student will be invited to an interview;
  3. Beginning of classes: February 13, 2019
How to apply?
Starters Academy Class 2018


Entrepreneurship Office of NOVA
Rectorate of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa – Campus de Campolide
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