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Starters Academy

Starters Academy


Starters Academy was created to give NOVA students the tools to create a startup. Either you are an entrepreneur already or just aiming to be one, here you'll have the chance to learn the right steps.

This is a multidisciplinary class: you'll have students from all over the University so you can create the most awesome teams. And besides all of this, you will enjoy a new way of thinking, working and living.

Submissions are simple: you just need to submit your application by e-mail to novaimpact@unl.pt with your CV and motivation letter and the Value Creation Office will reply as soon as possible.

Starters Academy: Creating and Managing Entrepreneurial Ventures

This course is designed to stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit of the best students of NOVA. Its aim is to provide participants with the tools so they can devise a business initiative and turn it into reality. Therefore, it covers the basics of entrepreneurship and business management within an applied perspective.

Students will be selected from the all NOVA schools, both Portuguese and foreigner, with the requirement that the composition of working teams comprises students with the greatest possible diversity of backgrounds. The starters academy is an optional discipline with 6 ECTS that must be validated with the Academic services. All students will receive a diploma of participation in this course.

Learning Objectives

  • Entrepreneurship opportunities analysis;
  • The Social Entrepreneurship Perspective;
  • Market and company analysis / competitive products;
  • Marketing Strategy: Targeting, Positioning, and Audience;
  • Technology innovation process management;
  • Intellectual Property Protection and Monetization;
  • Preparation of a business plan;
  • Financing of new initiatives;
  • Organization and management of entrepreneurial teams.

Teaching and learning

Students will be organized into groups with at least two people from different NOVA schools.

The groups will work together on both the future decision making of the company created under a simulation game and must also develop a business plan that will presented in a final Pitch competition at the end of the program. The best ideas win exclusive prizes.

The course is taught exclusively in English, three hours a week.


Students' grades will be based upon the following:

  • Business Plan (30%) (Evolution from Executive Summary to Business Plan);
  • EntrepSim: a startup simulation game (30%);
  • Final Pitch presentation (20%);
  • Attendance and participation in class (20%)


EntrepSim: Startup Simulation Game 

EntrepSim entrepreneurship simulation is an advanced business simulation of fast-growing innovative ventures developed by academics and venture capitalists as a pedagogical tool to be used as a complement to entrepreneurship teaching and training.

EntrepSim: Startup Simulation Game 

Academy Classes

Classes are held from 5 pm to 8 pm, from February 24 to May 19, 2021, in different locations in Lisbon. The final Pitch will take place on May 19.





Local (TBD)


25 February

Introduction to the  Entrepreneurial Process & Team building

Pedro Neves (NOVA SBE)



02  March

Design thinking

Guilherme Vitorino (NOVA IMS)



10  March

Marketing Principles

António Marinho Torres (NOVA SBE)



18  March

Business Planning

Paulo Soares de Pinho (NOVA SBE)



21st March

Entrepsim Begins




23rd March

Entrepsim Decision

Round 0



24 March

Creating and Managing Entrepreneurial teams

Susana Carvalho (NOVA FCSH)



7 April

From idea to business: The technology, product or service

Fernanda Llussá (FCT NOVA)



13 April

Entrepsim Decision

Round 1



14 April

Financing New Ventures

Paulo Soares de Pinho (NOVA SBE)



20th April

Entrepsim Decision

Round 2



21st April

Product Design and Manufacturing

Bruno Soares (FCT NOVA)



27th April

Entrepsim Decision

Round 3



28th April

Social Entrepreneurship

Joana Castro e Costa (NOVA SBE) - tbc



4th May

Entrepsim Decision

Round 4



6th May

Protecting & Exploitation of Intellectual Property

Vasco Stilwell de Andrade (Team Genesis)



11th May

Entrepsim Decision

Round 5



12th May

How to pitch your idea?

Ana Sofia Esteves (FCT NOVA)



19th May

Final Pitch presentation


Auditorium B Rectorate

How to apply?

  • Send an email to novaimpact@unl.pt  with the reference: StartersAcademy2021, until the 20th of January 2021;
  • The selection process will start on the 10th of January and made gradually until the end of the deadline. If you have a specific date in your faculty to register in the opcional topics, let us know;
  • Selection will be made based on the CV and motivation letter and, if it is deemed necessary, an interview process;
  • Start of classes: 25th of February 2021.


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