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Lines of Action

NOVA Smart Campus Living Lab intends to make the Campolide Campus a true living laboratory for experimenting and developing new products and services for Smart and Sustainable Spaces.

To this end, it will be equipped with an infrastructure of a technical and technological nature, software and communications to enhance the development of campus management in general, with an open platform based on a storage and computing infrastructure that collects, stores and processes data in multiple formats and from different origins, including management of access to campus and parking, water and sanitation, green spaces, energy and waste, lighting and events.

This infrastructure will allow experimentation and development of innovative projects in the areas of Smart Campus and Smart Cities, by researchers and students from NOVA, but it is also open to companies and society in general.

Lines of action - NOVA Smart Campus Living Lab

  • Promotion of I&D activities in the Laboratory's experimentation space
  • Promotion of the training of highly qualified human resources, namely masters and doctorates
  • Provision of specialized services
  • Creation of mechanisms for conducting diagnosis and monitoring of situation, on a regular and proactive basis on the main problems and needs for the development of solutions by organizations and individuals
  • Definition of a concerted strategy for the dissemination, transfer and replication of knowledge generated by the academic and scientific community in the Laboratory space
  • Promotion of the development of marketable products based on innovation and scientific knowledge generated by the community