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NOVA Mentor Network

NOVA Mentor Network aims to support and consolidate entrepreneurial initiatives at NOVA's innovation ecosystem.

Besides sharing their knowledge and experience, a mentor can help to define proper business strategies, build bridges between aspiring entrepreneurs and potential partners, customers or investors, facilitating access to critical resources, adding value and improving the conditions for the success of a business idea.

Be part of NOVA Mentor Network. Come and contribute to the creation of more spin-offs and startups born from knowledge produced at NOVA.

Meet the Mentors

Alexandre Costa Prata
Business development | Strategy | Fundraising | Recruitment
Bernardo SottoMayor
Business Strategy | Consulting | Communication
Bruno Nascimento
E-Commerce | Software Engineering
César Nogueira
Digital Marketing | Sales and Operations | B2B
Cláudia Quaresma
Biomedical Engineering | Entrepreneurship | Patents
David Magboulé
Consulting | Healthcare | Internationalization | Marketing
Diana Franco da Silva
Consulting| Financial Analysis | Business Model
Dina Chaves
Intellectual Property | Technology Transfer | Market Assessment
Dzhamil Oda
Legal Tech | Law | Public Incentives
Eduardo Freire Rodrigues
Medicine | Clinical Software | Business Development
Fernanda Llussá
Business Models | Financial Projections | Go-to-Market Strategy
Hugo Gamboa
Electronics | Medical Devices | Machine Learning
João Caxaria
Engineering | Programming
João Mendes Borga
Strategy | Operations | Startup Management
João Paiva Mendes
Tourism | Marketing | Sales
José Falcão de Berredo
Internationalization | Strategy | Marketing & Sales
José Leal
Clinical Diagnostics | Genomics | Bioinformatics | Big Data
Lourenço Gouveia Booth
Eco-innovation | Sustainability | Social Innovation
Mario Chessa
Tourism & Hospitality | Marketing | Sales | Branding
Marta Sousa Monteiro
Startups | Communication & Marketing | Business Development
Social Innovation | Social Entrepreneurship | Impact Business Models
Life Sciences | Fundraising | Venture Capital | Tech Transfer
Prof. Pedro Saraiva
Science-based Entrepreneurship | Data Analysis | New Product Development
Nuno Prego Ramos
Biotech & Pharma | Immunotherapy | Business Development
Sérgio Coimbra Henriques
Fintech | Labour Law | Intellectual Property | Regulation
Susana Carvalho e Silva
Consulting | Leadership | Coaching
 Tiago Cunha Reis
Sensors | Proof of Concept Design | Microeletronics | Business Development

Want to be our mentor?

Mentors with proven experience and skills are essential to the development of NOVA's innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Mentors can help to (re)define strategies and build bridges with key players for the consolidation of innovative business ideas. Join us, grow with us and contribute to the creation of the next NOVA SPIN-OFF

To become our mentor, access the online application form.