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Partnerships and Networks



Partnerships and Networks are an essential driver towards sustainability, acknowledged by the United Nations 2030 Agenda in the Sustainable Development Goal 17 – Partnerships for the Goals.

Nova University works together with NOVA Community to address the global challenges, collaborating at a local, national, and global levels towards sustainability. It is involved in various international cooperation projects, either as coordinator or partner institution, which conveys its ability to establish partnerships with universities in different countries for the implementation of projects spanning across the globe. NOVA is a member of several international networks that facilitate the mobility of students and researchers and the development of collaborative programmes and projects. All Academic Units participate in specific networks related to their teaching and research fields.


Know more about some of our networks and strategic partnerships with a focus on Sustainability:

NOVA-Lancaster Partnership

NOVA-Lancaster Partnership

The strategic partnership was formally established in June 2018, when NOVA and Lancaster signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Lisbon. NOVA and Lancaster are both relatively young institutions and have both rapidly risen through the international university rankings.
The purpose of the partnership is to explore opportunities for collaborative research, joint teaching initiatives and strategic knowledge exchange including internationalisation, staff development and student recruitment. Under this agreement, all faculties, departments, centres and units of the two partner institutions will be able to explore potential areas for collaboration that will be of mutual benefit.

Partnership website: www.lancaster.ac.uk/nova


Research in Asia

Research in Latin America

Research in Europe

Research in Africa


NOVA-Aga Khan University Partnership

NOVA-Aga Khan University Partnership

The strategic partnership was formally established in June 2019, when Aga Khan University and NOVA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Lisbon. The agreement aims to facilitate collaboration in various fields including health sciences, humanities, media and communications ans sustainability.

The Memorandum aims to promote and strengthen the partnership between the two institutions in order to improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations, promote knowledge through research, and to promote international and cross-cultural cooperation and understanding.


NOVA awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to His Highness Shah Karim al-Hussaini, Prince Aga Khan

NOVA and Aga Khan Development Network collaborate in Africa

NOVA signs protocol for archaeological intervention at Ribat of Arrifana


Symposium Stem Cell Science, Regenerative Medicine, Ethics and Society 2019

Sustainable Campus Network

Rede Campus Sustentável – Portugal

NOVA signed the Letter of Intent of the Sustainable Campus Network, assuming its public commitment to principles and practices of sustainability in higher education. Know more here.


EcoCampus is a concept that reflects the adaptation of the international Eco-Schools program in higher education. In 2019, within the scope of Eco-Schools, the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences (FCSH) and NOVA Medical School (NMS|FCM) received their Green Flag for good ecological practices. Know more here.