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Study at NOVA

Universidade NOVA de Lisboa (NOVA) offers to all its students a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere in a suitable environment, characterized by a high international profile and a close relationship among teachers and students. 

In addition to a wide academic offer of professional careers (bachelors, masters and PhDs) in Portuguese, which turns NOVA into a natural destination for students from PALOP and Brazil, it has a considerable number of programs in English, which makes it a reference institution for students of other nationalities, as well. 

Foreign students can study at NOVA through: 

Currently, 3022 foreign students are studying at NOVA – 2119 are part of a complete academic program and 903 are exchange students for short mobility periods. 

Many academic programs offered by the University are characterized by an international component that allows those who attend them to experience the culture, to know the level of development and to learn the best practices of other regions and countries. 

In the future, NOVA will continue expanding this international profile, attracting more and more foreign students and contributing, in this way, to create a true ecosystem of interculturality, mutual knowledge, understanding and respect.