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Mobilities Outside of Europe

Students from non-European countries may participate/apply into a study mobility program in one of the 9 organic units of NOVA, through the following modalities: 


Cooperation in the framework of General Cooperation Protocols / Contractual amendment signed between Universidade NOVA de Lisboa and other Higher Education Institutions (HEI). 

Any questions related to the application process and execution of the mobility should be reported to the respective home Higher Education Institution (HEIs) of the candidate.

NOTE: Students must be enrolled at one of the subscribing HEIs of the Protocol / Contractual amendment.

We recommend to consult the effective Protocols.


The International Credit Mobility Programme Erasmus+ offers opportunities for students from other parts of the world (outside Europe). Through ICM, a HEI from a Partner Country can send students to a Partner HEI in one of the Programme Countries, and vice versa. The application and the selection process, as well as the assignation of the scholarship, will be managed by the Coordinating HEI. For more information on this program, we suggest to check the list of ICM scholarships’ opportunities.