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MOBILITYUniversidade NOVA de Lisboa (NOVA) is very effective in what concerns students’ mobility, inside and outside the European Union (EU). At national level, NOVA also participates in mobility programs that develop the connections between Portuguese universities.

According to the origin of the students, NOVA offers different mobility opportunities: 

NOVA has developed partnerships not only with European countries but also with Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) from USA, Japan, Australia, China, Thailand, India, Morocco and African Countries whose official language is Portuguese (PALOP), and has strengthened ties with South America, especially with Brazil and some other countries of Latin America, whose cultural and economic influence is increasingly strong. 

NOVA offers excellent conditions to study and introduce incoming students to a different academic and social environment characterized by a wide exposure and a deep contact with the Portuguese culture. The quality of teaching, combined with the scenario of the multicultural and ineffable Lisbon, make NOVA unique inside the Portuguese context.