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Access to higher education - increase of students at NOVA outgrows the national average

NOVA placed 2978 students, 401 more than in the previous year.


NOVA University Lisbon placed 2978 students in the first phase of the national competition for access to public higher education 2020/2021, 401 more than in the previous year. An increase of 16%, higher than the national average, which stands at 15%.

With a single place left for the second phase, NOVA obtained the best result in the country among comprehensive universities.

NOVA University Lisbon leads, at national level, in sixteen courses in different areas, that is, in 41% of  its total offer: Cellular and Molecular Biology; Conservation-Restoration; Mathematics; Applied Chemistry; Political Science and International Relations; Communication Sciences; Language Sciences; Musical Sciences; Philosophy; Geography and Regional Planning, History; Sociology (after-work regime); Translation; Nutrition Sciences; Information Management, Information Systems and Technologies.

As far as the Lisbon region is concerned, NOVA also leads in the following courses: Biochemistry; Archeology; Languages, Literatures and Cultures; Art History; Sociology; Economics; Management; Medicine; Law.

João Sàágua, Rector of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, considers that the results obtained “consolidate NOVA's positioning as a university at the service of society, whom it serves through knowledge, innovation and, as now has become evident, excellent teaching. Our schools are to be congratulated. To the students who are now part of the NOVA community, I wish you the best success. To the Portuguese families, I thank the trust they have in us and I reiterate our commitment to the quality of education that allows us to produce and attract the best talent ”. And the Rector adds: “in the face of a particularly challenging year, we have known how to adapt and we are prepared so that the teaching activities take place in the best way, guaranteeing maximum security for everyone”.

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