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Chile distinguishes Elvira Fortunato with the “Estreito de Magalhães” Award

The award highlights the “exploratory, innovative and persevering” spirit of the Professor and scientist of NOVA.

Elvira Fortunato, full professor and Vice-Rector of NOVA University Lisbon, was distinguished by the government of Chile with the “Estreito de Magalhães” Award, which highlighted her “exploratory, innovative and persevering” spirit. The prize was created by Fundación Imagen de Chile with the aim of commemorating the 500 years of the first circumnavigation of the Earth by the Portuguese navigator Fernão de Magalhães.

In a letter addressed to the scientist, the Chilean ambassador to Portugal, Pedro Pablo Diaz, underlines the importance of Elvira Fortunato's pioneering research in the area of ​​transparent electronics, as well as the “INVISIBLE” project, recently distinguished with the “Impact Horizon 2020” award, given the potential of its “social and economic” repercussions.

The award, delivered on 10th November at the Embassy of Chile in Lisbon, "aims to distinguish the new Magalhães from Portugal and other countries that, like their navigator, have been able to find solutions to global problems, overcoming challenges on the way”. The ambassador recalls that the “Strait of Magalhães represents the beginning of globalization ”and also “ the first trip around the world ”, an event that transformed the world as it was known until then.

The scientist, who is considered the “mother” of the paper transistor, runs the Materials Research Center (CENIMAT) and the Institute for Nanostructures, Nanomodelling and Nanofabrication (i3N). In addition to accumulating dozens of national and international prizes, she is also one of the seven members of the European Commission's High Level Scientific Advisory Group. Her projects have already been distinguished with two Advanced Grants from the European Research Council for a total value of almost six million euros.


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