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Delegation from NOVA in India within Erasmus+ project CABCIN

NOVA representatives are fostering a training program regarding Personal and Institutional Development focused on Academic Integrity in Indian universities.

A delegation of eight representatives from NOVA University Lisbon and led by Professor Patrícia Rosado Pinto, Pro-Rector of NOVA, is fostering a training program on "Personal and Professional Development - Academic Honesty" to members of five Indian universities. The training program takes place during September in several Indian Universities, namely: 

  • Rajkot University, with Professor Roberto Henriques;
  • Parul University, with Joana Marques, Elsa Caetano and João Sevilhano;
  • Amity University Haryana, with Professor Patrícia Rosado Pinto, Professor Isabel Nunes and Paulo Costa;
  • North Maharashtra University, with João Sevilhano;
  • SAL Institute of Technology & Engineering Research, with Rita Falcão.

In December, an international conference regarding "Professional Development of Instructors in Higher Education and Training Institutions" will take place in Parul University. Pro-Rectors Professor Patrícia Rosado Pinto and Professor Isabel Nunes, along with Professor João Correia de Freitas, will attend this Conference.

These actions take place within CABCIN, Erasmus+ Capacitation Building porject for Higher Education Institutions in India that involves 5 European and 5 Indian institutions.

The project aims to improve the teaching quality in Indian Higher Education institutions through the creation of Teaching Centers and the increase of internationalization.

Discover everything about this project and follow the activities at the website of CABCIN.