pixel Dr. Denis Mukwege, surgeon and Nobel of Peace, awarded with title of Doctor Honoris Causa by NOVA | Universidade NOVA de Lisboa

Dr. Denis Mukwege, surgeon and Nobel of Peace, awarded with title of Doctor Honoris Causa by NOVA

Dr. Denis Mukwege, médico e Nobel da Paz, doutoramento honoris causa

On 27th May, NOVA University Lisbon awarded the title of Doctor Honoris Causa to Dr Denis Mukwege,  surgeon and Nobel Peace Prize laureate (2018). The ceremony of conferment was held at the Grand Auditorium of Nova School of Business & Economics, Carcavelos Campus.

Professor Daniel Traça, Dean of Nova SBE gave the laudation speech and the Dean of NMS|FCM, Professor Jaime da Cunha Branco, was the patron of the laureate.

In his speech, Professor Daniel Traça featured Dr Denis Mukwage as a hero of hope who developed a path of empathy, action, political activism and was justly recognized for the impact of his actions with the Nobel Peace Prize.

The Dean of Nova SBE highlighted the source of inspiration that Dr Mukwege represents for NOVA and other universities of the world, to “ breed humanism to care and determination to act”.

In his speech, Dr Denis Mukwage made justice to his reputation as a tireless defender of women’s rights and left an appeal for action:

“The road may still seem long to end sexual violence. But we remain confident in the future and human nature. The freedom of speech of the survivors makes us optimistic. We are all concerned, and each of us in our sphere of action can help put an end to rape and other forms of sexual and gender-based violence. We cannot be indifferent to the plight of the thousands of women around the world who are subjected to inhuman treatment simply because they were born women. For too long, indifference has been at the root of the omission to act. Time is no longer for indignation, but action.”  

The Rector of NOVA, Professor João Sàágua, closed the session and highlighted Dr. Mukwege as a role model for NOVA, fighting battles for peace and for a better world.

Read the Rector's full speech here.