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Know the winners of the Santander/NOVA Collaborative Research Award 2019- 2020

The Santander/NOVA Collaborative Research Award 2019-2020 had two winners in its 13th Edition:

InteliArt Project - "Artificial Intelligence: Effects on work and employment in Portugal" by researchers Nuno Boavida, from the School of Social and Human Sciences of NOVA in collaboration with António Brandão Moniz, from NOVA School of Science and Technology.

The project InteliArt will study how Artificial Intelligence (AI) might affect work organization, employment and industrial relations systems in the next decade in several European countries. The project will focus in the banking, automotive and ports sectors and will analyse the expectable penetration of AI in selected European countries, its effects on work organisation and employment, and  in the industrial relations systems, and the measures found by social partners to mitigate effects in work and employment.

Results of the project will be useful not only to companies and industrial actors working within the three sectors, but also to debates about automation effects on the organization of work, employment and industrial relations.


Com @Rehab Project - "Communication for interactive rehabilitation in virtual reality" - by researchers Maria Micaela Fonseca, from NOVA School of Science and Technology, Rute Costa, from School of Social and Human Sciences of NOVA and Ana Rita Londral, from Nova Medical School.

The Com @Rehab project develops the Digital Communication Module (MCD Rehab) of VR4Pandemic which currently includes three components: i) a glove with haptic feedback and biosensors, ii) a Virtual Reality (VR) game with levels of difficulty and iii) a platform that analyses the physiological parameters in real-time. The purpose of the project is to contribute to the rehabilitation of post-COVID patients in hospitals and/or home environments. The researchers intend to focus on the development of communicative skills of the various agents involved while enhancing technological literacy and interactivity with technology, thereby helping to improve human-human and human-machine interaction. By developing and optimizing a rehabilitation program, based on a VR system customized according to the patient’s clinical needs, the team aims to support the management of therapeutic activities directed to post-COVID patients by making it more effective. This is a multidisciplinary project in partnership with the collaborative laboratory Value for Health CoLAB, the HEI_Lab research center, as well as with the Centro de Medicina e Reabilitação de Alcoitão.


The Prize was awarded today to the two winning teams by the head of Santander Universidades Portugal, Sofia Frère, and by the Rector of NOVA, João Sàágua, during the third edition of the university's science meeting, NOVA Science Day 2020.

The Santander / NOVA Collaborative Research Award, totalling 15,000 Euros, aims to distinguish projects developed by junior researchers from NOVA and involving at least two of the University's organic units. The award, which is held annually, has already included research projects in the scope of Social and Human Sciences, Life Sciences and Exact Sciences and Engineering.


InteliArt Project


Com @Rehab Project