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NOVA wins projet H2020 - PhD Students International Mobility

NOVA is integrated in the H2020 project that aims to develop international mobility of doctoral candidates from various areas of study.

NOVA is part of an european consortium to promote transferable skills in doctoral education.

NOVA is part of DocEnhance project, funded by the European Union, to improve doctoral education through transferable skills training and articulation with the labour market.

NOVA University Lisbon is part of an European Consortium within the scope of an H2020 project.

The project entitled “Enhancing skills intelligence and integration into existing PhD programmes by providing transferable skills training through an open online platform (DocEnhance)” is coordinated by the UiT | The Arctic University of Norway in partnership with several European Universities and non-academic organizations.

DocEnhance aims to build the DocEnhance network and an online platform to develop and integrate transferable skills training into PhD education in Europe, as well as to increase interaction and exposure to the non-academic sector.

In addition, this project will provide a novel course concept and material that will support interdisciplinarity and international mobility.

Professor Patricia Rosado Pinto, Pro-Rector at NOVA, leads the Portuguese team, responsible for the implementation of the pilot course in career management and innovation.

The kick-off of the project will be in January 2020.