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Nuno Maulide of ITQB NOVA elected as “Scientist of the year” in Austria

Nuno Maulide, invited professor of ITQB NOVA,  elected as “Scientist of the year” in Austria.

Nuno Maulide cientista português


Nuno Maulide, Full Professor and Chair of Organic Synthesis at the University of Vienna and Invited Professor at ITQB NOVA, was elected as “Scientist of the year” by the Austrian Club of Education and Science Journalists. The announcement was made today in Vienna, and it has recognized Nuno Maulide for his outstanding contributions in communicating his research to different audiences and thus promoting scientific culture in Austria.

The Austrian Club of Education and Science Journalists has awarded this distinction annually since 1994, and the election is made among its 150 members representing the main media outlets in Austria. It is the first time that a chemist and a Portuguese are in this list.

"I am honoured by this distinction, especially to have been recognised by the role as communicator of the science we have been doing in our laboratory. Chemistry is often depicted as a difficult subject for the media and general audiences - but every time I explain Chemistry to audiences young and old, people find it surprisingly accessible and intuitive. I am proud to have been able to contribute to its understanding among the broader public” said Nuno Maulide. “It is my hope that this award will further raise awareness for the value and countless benefits of Chemistry, or as I call it, ‘the enabling science’. I believe it is our duty as scientists to disseminate our findings and work in ways that allow non-experts to understand and, more importantly, relate to.”

The scientist, who is Corresponding Member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, has been awarded three European Research Council (ERC) Grants: in 2011 (starting grant), 2016 (consolidator grant) and 2018 (proof of concept).


Photo:Christoph Liebentritt