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Summer at NOVA 2019

Discover the summer courses and initiatives taking place at the NOVA schools until September. 

NOVA University Lisbon is open for an educational summer with several courses and initiatives taking place at the several NOVA schools until September: 

NOVA School of Science and Technology

The areas of science and engineering invite you to a dynamic summer under the sun of Caparica. There will be activities during the month of July for the students of the school but also to higher education students. 

Check all activities at the website of FCT NOVA.

NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities

Dive in the world of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities at NOVA FCSH. The school organizes several initiatives for different publics.

  • Summer at NOVA: Luís Krus Center of NOVA FCSH organizes, from 1 to 12 July 2019, activities designed for all young people of high school. This year's theme, "We and Others", is the motto to present the way we teach and how we work in the Faculty. Students will be able to join the recording of the summer jingle at NOVA, a practical journalism class, a peddy paper to find paradigmatic figures of antiquity, a simulated archaeological excavation and a tour of the Tagus River on the Caravela Vera Cruz, in addition to several sessions of clarification about the faculty;
  • Summer School: this year's edition has more than 80 free admission courses, between July and September. Course themes cover all areas of social science, from film, press, fiction writing and editorial design to career management or business plans, among many others.

Nova School of Business and Economics

At Nova SBE Summer School: Kick-starting your future, students will have inspiring academic sessions, addressing key topics on Economics and Management, featuring national and international faculty; group and individual challenges, as well as several games and activities organized by Nova SBE student clubs; career development workshop and interaction with leading global organizations and one-day tour to discover the amazing Lisbon, elected the best European destination, allowing a deeper knowledge of the Portuguese culture.

NOVA School of Law

NOVA School of Law invites students, professionals and the general public for a different kind of summer:

  • E-course Portuguese and Brazilian Environmental and Urban Law: this E-course aims to promote the development of competences in Environmental and Urban Law in Portugal and Brazil. It will present the definitions and characteristics of the main institutes, the applicable legislation and the main issues that students and professionals deal with. At the end of the course, trainees should be able to understand the environmental and urban management instruments of both countries, as well as identify the legislation applicable to them;
  • Course of Sale of Consumer Goods and Supply of Digital Content: this course aims to know and deepen the new European directives of the sale of consumer goods and the provision of digital content and services;
  • Course Technological Innovation in the Insurance Market: this course aims to analyze the impact of new technologies and digital transformation in the insurance business.

NOVA Information Management School

NOVA IMS invites students, IT professionals and the general public interest in this area to an innovative summer, focused on the new technologies:

ITQB NOVA - Institute of Chemical and Biological Technology António Xavier

for the fourth time, ITQB NOVA challenges students to experience science in real research environment, at Summer Science @ ITQB NOVA. Aimed at 2nd and 3rd year bachelor students, the initiative raises awareness regarding the research that is carried out at the institution and challenges them to build a project in a lab of their choice.