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U-Multirank 2020 - NOVA ranked 8th among young European universities

NOVA is ranked 8th among young European universities. The evaluation comes from U-Multirank 2020, published today, June 9th.

With the highest score in 13 of the evaluated indicators *, the results reflect a significant increase compared to the previous year. U-Multirank 2020 thus corroborates the leading position of NOVA among young European universities in different areas of knowledge previously obtained in other higher education rankings.

The results confirm the consistency of the work carried out by NOVA in the development of top-class university education and research with impact on society, from the perspective of the country but also of Europe and the world.

The U-Multirank analysed 1,800 universities from 92 countries with an innovative and multi-dimensional approach, different from traditional rankings, through a tool that compares the performance of institutions in categories such as - teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, international orientation and regional engagement.

* Indicators with the highest score of A - “Very Good”:

  1. Research publications (size normalised);
  2. External research income;
  3. Interdisciplinary publications (% of total publications);
  4. Post-doc positions;
  5. Open Access publications (new); 
  6. Income from private sources;
  7. Publications cited in patents;
  8. Income from continuous professional development (% of total income);
  9. Student mobility;
  10. International academic staff;
  11. International joint publications (% of total publications);
  12. Master graduates working in the region;
  13. Regional joint publications (% of total publications).