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Innovation district brings a new geography of innovation and internationalization to the Greater Lisbon region

NOVA University Lisbon launched today the Innovation District, a project aiming to create a new global city in Almada, that will combine a unique and sustainable lifestyle in a new geography of innovation and technological knowledge.

The first steps of this project, which involves a group of owners and investors and has the strategic support of the Municipality of Almada, were taken in 2019. By intervening in the areas of Monte da Caparica and Porto Brandão - distinguished by their potential for innovative knowledge, for the landscape and for the unique natural conditions - the Innovation District will provide the creation of a new city, modern and requalified, that will be a place of vanguard of ideas and innovations, attracting companies - national and international - and people.

The Innovation District comprises a total area of ​​399 hectares, of which 110 hectares are green areas, and an investment of more than 800 million euros is estimated for its implementation. Among the main figures that define its size are the arrival of 4,500 new inhabitants to the new city, the creation of 1,000 new housing units, an area of ​​250,000 m2 for the implementation of new economic activities that will contribute to the creation of 17,000 new jobs and 86,000 m2 of tourist infrastructure.

Based on the Live-work-play concept, the Innovation District will be a unique and plural city, designed to raise the quality of life of each of its inhabitants for whom all the various interest points will be within a short 15 minute distance.

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With the Campus of NOVA School of Science and Technology as its central point, the Innovation District places knowledge, qualified talent and innovation as an engine for urban development and transformation. As a space of innovation It also intends to become a magnet for companies and people, contributing to promote the development of the Lisbon Metropolitan Area and leveraging its internationalization potential. Finally, it is a project focused on creating a creative, diverse, energetic and sustainable community, inspired by a better quality of life.

The project includes the creation of a new sustainable city, anchored in the objectives defined by sustainable development until 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2050, integrating an array of innovative environmental solutions.