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NOVA spin-off Sea4Us highlighted by the National Innovation Agency

The NOVA Spin-off Sea4Us was one of the 10 academic spin-offs considered most promising by the Observatory for the Valorization and Use of Scientific Knowledge in Portugal of the National Innovation Agency (ANI). With the NOVA SPIN-OFF seal, which recognizes companies born from the knowledge produced within the NOVA University Lisbon, Sea4Us is a biotechnology company specialized in the discovery and development of new drugs based on novel marine compounds for unmet clinical needs, which require new chemical approaches and new molecular solutions. The success and degree of innovation that Sea4Us represents were decisive for its prominence as a case study in the webinar held by ANI, dedicated to the theme of the valorization of national scientific knowledge, on January 28th.

"Analysis of National Academic-Based Spin-offs and Start-ups" was one of the studies presented during the webinar. This study featured ten cases of national spin-offs that operate on the technological frontier of their areas and introduced highly innovative products or services to the market. This is the case of the NOVA spin-off Sea4Us, currently developing a therapy for Chronic Pain, a syndrome that affects about 21% of the world population and can cause a high degree of disability, with social and economic consequences.

The universe of spin-offs and startups with “NOVA DNA” includes more than 90 active companies that, together, have already created several hundred jobs. In total, eighteen companies from the most varied sectors - content management, circular economy, technological innovation, health and biotechnology, among others – were already granted the NOVA SPIN-OFF seal, which aims to recognize and support academic spin-offs that promote solutions with a strong impact on our society.

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