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SUPERNOVA broadens access to Higher Education in Europe 

SUPERNOVA is back and allows, from 2023 on, new entry possibilities in some top European universities

A unique programme in Portugal aimed at pre-university students and designed to help students from different countries to adapt to the European education system, SUPERNOVA guarantees, from the next semester, in February 2023, passage for the first year in one of several of NOVA's partner universities, provided that the progression criteria are met.   

So those who successfully complete the SUPERNOVA may apply to universities such as Ca' Foscari, in Venice, CY Cergy, in Paris, or Lancaster University, in the United Kingdom. The University of Algarve and the new NOVA campus in Cairo are also part of this list of new possibilities.   

As a multidisciplinary programme, SUPERNOVA offers a set of different subjects taught by NOVAs staff, in Portuguese and/or English, in order to develop both academic and linguistic competencies. Moreover, it can be completed in a period between six months and one year.   

Highly sought by young people from countries such as Brazil and the PALOP countries (meaning African Countries of Portuguese Official Language), it has been widening its scope, receiving applications from as far as the US, Russia, Morocco, Tunisia or Bangladesh - and even the UK.    

More information on the SUPERNOVA website.