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NOVA Entrepreneurship Day 2019

 Innovation and value creation in NOVA Entrepreneurship Day 2019.

Enhance innovation and value creation of the academic environment. On October 31st, NOVA organized Entrepreneurship Day – dedicated to its community, but also to the public and private sectors, with an interest in creating synergies between NOVA and its Spin-Offs.

The proposed program was very diverse and featured several panels that represent the excellence and potential of creating NOVA's value.

Under the theme NOVA's Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, experts from Nova SBE, FCT NOVA, NOVA IMS and NOVA FCSH have had the opportunity to demonstrate what the different Organic Units produce and how they can create synergies between them. A panel dedicated to NOVA Alumni with Alexandre Prata (Indie Campers), João Paiva Mendes (Boost Tourism) Eduardo Rodrigues (UpHill) and João Caxaria (Codacy) shared their experience and visions of the national entrepreneurial ecosystem in a debate moderated by Ana Pimentel (Observador). Also,  5 of the 16 NOVA Spin-Offs had the opportunity to discuss some of the difficulties and obstacles in leveraging new companies. On stage were Pedro Baptista (Nano4Global), Pedro Lima (Sea4Us), Paula Videira (CellmAbs), João Bernardo (BiLD Analytics), Bo Irik (SeaBookings) under moderation by Karla Pequenino (Público). Finally, the last debate brought to the stage a debate on Funding and Other Opportunities for Startups with a panel moderated by Nuno Arantes-Oliveira and attended by Simon Schaefer (Startup Portugal), Joaquim Rodrigues (Armilar venture), Marco Fernandes (SME Investimentos), Stephan Morais (Indico Capital).

At the end of the session, the Rector of NOVA university, João Sàágua, and Pro-Rector, Isabel Rocha, delivered the certificates of recognition with the label NOVA SPIN-OFF Recognition & NOVA Entrepreneurship Students Honors to students who stood out the most in the entrepreneurship activities.

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