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NOVA's Rector highlights CoLab of Elvas as an ally of sustainability

The Rector of NOVA University Lisbon, João Sàágua, stated that the collaborative laboratory (CoLab) InnovPlantProtect (InPP), is an ally of sustainability in agricultural production, as it has been developing innovative solutions to protect crops from pests and diseases. It was in an interview with Vida Rural magazine that the Rector of NOVA spoke about the importance of this CoLab installed in Elvas, which is coordinated by NOVA.

“This project is really very important for the University because it exemplifies our connection to society in an exemplary way: transferring the knowledge that the University produces”, said the Rector. He added: “We can transform this knowledge with a contribution to sustainable agriculture”. Thus, NOVA reiterates, once again, its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the United Nations Agenda 2030.

Throughout the interview, the Rector also spoke about the creation of social value and the regional, national and export impact of InPP, taking the opportunity to highlight the birth of the community in Elvas, the impact on national production at the level of biomolecules, the breeding of plants, the technological detection of pests and the increase in the country's export capacity.

In total, NOVA participates in nine collaborative laboratories, coordinating two of them (VOH.COLAB and InnovPlantProtect).

You can access the video of the interview here and read, in full, the interview in the March edition of the magazine Vida Rural.