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SASNOVA launch platform The Bridge - NOVA’s Student Wellbeing

 “The Bridge - NOVA’s Student Wellbeing” is a platform developed by the SASNOVA (Social and Welfare Services of NOVA University Lisbon) with the aim of promoting and monitoring the mental health of NOVA students.

"The Brigde" includes the possibility of contact by chat and access to health technicians, with an emphasis on psychological support services. 

It has informative content, both in Portuguese and in English (for Erasmus and foreign students), about mental health, tips on relationships and how to lead a healthy lifestyle, giving the students the possibility of getting pratical information from a reliable source.   

The project arose from a need detected by Nova SBE students - the importance of promoting mental health and improving access to psychological support services for all students. The construction of the platform used the participatory Design methodology, based on a set of participatory workshops with NOVA students.