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2nd NOVA/USP conference puts precision medicine at the top of the academic agenda

As part of USP's 90th anniversary celebrations, the event brought together experts and researchers from both institutions.

In an important step towards strengthening international academic collaboration, the University of São Paulo (USP) and NOVA University Lisbon (NOVAheld their second annual meeting , focusing on the intersection of health, medicine, IT and data sciences.

"Following the initiatives to establish a strategic partnership between NOVA and USP, this year's meeting was held in São Paulo and was very useful in allowing researchers from both universities to outline strategies and priorities in precision medicine and AI, opening the door to new joint projects of great relevance in these areas," stressed NOVA's Vice Rector João Amaro de Matos, who is responsible for the university's international development area. 

A partnership that, according to Jornal da USP, was also praised by its rector, Carlos Gilberto Carlotti Júniior: "We have invested in projects that promote the internationalisation of the university, to improve the quality of the research carried out and the training of our students. This is the purpose of our relationship with Nova de Lisboa, to make this partnership sustainable. We want to extend this cooperation to create mobility programmes and offer joint courses".

The agenda of the event, which also included the participation of Isabel Rocha, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation at NOVA, and other prominent names from USP such as Professors André Carlos Ponce de Leon Ferreira de Carvalho and Roger Chammas, included a series of other presentations that provided a platform for experts from both universities to share knowledge and explore future avenues for joint research in relevant areas of health, medicine, and biomedicine. such as the presentations by João Conde from NOVA Medical School and  Joao Leite from NOVA FCT.

As part of the wider strategic collaboration agreement between USP and NOVA, this annual summit alternates between Lisbon and São Paulo. The inaugural meeting in Lisbon last September focused on sustainability and coincided with NOVA's 50th anniversary. This year's focus on AI and precision medicine aligns with emerging priorities in global health and reflects the commitment of universities to address today's scientific and medical challenges.