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76 Researchers from NOVA among the most quoted scientists in the world

The World's Top 2% Scientists List has just been released by the University of Stanford, USA and includes the impact of scientific work in the last year and also throughout the career, in which NOVA registered an increase of 37.5 per cent.

76 researchers from the various organic units of NOVA University Lisbon have their names in the lists of the most cited worldwide in different areas of investigation, from exact sciences to humanities. 

Coordinated by the University of Stanford, and published in the specialized scientific publisher Elsevier, the ranking identified about 200 thousand scientists from all over the world in 22 scientific areas and 176 disciplines, having evaluated the impact of the research done in 2021 and also throughout the career. 

This World's Top 2% Scientists List is supported by Scopus, an international database of scientific articles and their citations in a variety of types, from journals to academic journals, and is also based on more precise standardised citation metrics to combat self-citation abuses.  The number of citations allows, therefore, to evaluate the impact and the consolidated influence of a given researcher or institution in the progress of scientific knowledge.  

In the case of NOVA researchers, a total of 44 saw their names included in the list of career-long citations this year (registering an increase of 37.5 per cent in relation to the 32 included in last year's list). This list includes the following names: M. M. Chaves (ITQB NOVA), Miguel C. Seabra (NMS|FCM), Douglas W. McKee (FCT NOVA), Luis M. Camarinha-Matos (FCT NOVA), Elvira Fortunato (FCT NOVA), Luís Paulo N. Rebelo (FCT NOVA), Rodrigo Martins (FCT NOVA), Sónia A. C. Carabineiro (FCT NOVA), Miguel Pina e Cunha (NOVA SBE), Manuel Ortigueira (FCT NOVA), Pedro Póvoa (NMS|FCM), Fernando Pina (FCT NOVA), José Paulo Sampaio (FCT NOVA), José L. Capelo (FCT NOVA), M. Raydan (FCT NOVA), Pedro V. Baptista (FCT NOVA), Marta Aires-de-Sousa (ITQB NOVA), Maria A. M. Reis (FCT NOVA), Carlos C. Romão (ITQB NOVA), Fernando C. Lidon (FCT NOVA), T. Oliveira (NOVA IMS), Rita A. Ribeiro (FCT NOVA), João G. Crespo (FCT NOVA), Ricardo Vigário (FCT NOVA), Ana Rita C. Duarte (FCT NOVA), Svetlozar Velizarov (FCT NOVA), Tomás B. Ramos (FCT NOVA), José P.B. Mota (FCT NOVA), João C. Diniz da Costa (FCT NOVA), João Aires-de-Sousa (FCT NOVA), Rosa M. Miranda (FCT NOVA), Manuel A. G. Silva (FCT NOVA), Luís Caires (FCT NOVA), Rui Oliveira (FCT NOVA), Leonardo Vanneschi (NOVA IMS), Fabrizio Macagno ( NOVA FCSH), Aleš Popovič (NOVA IMS), Paula M. Alves (ITQB NOVA), Luís Moniz Pereira (FCT NOVA), Rodrigo Gonçalves (FCT NOVA), Rui Dinis (FCT NOVA), Luis Gomes (FCT NOVA), Hugo C. Biscaia (FCT NOVA) e Changhe Zhang (ITQB NOVA).  

The list referring to the impact throughout the year 2021, and which repeats some of the names from the list of the most cited throughout their career - revealing the consistency of their work - is as follows:

M. M. Chaves (ITQB), T. Oliveira (NOVA IMS), Sónia A. C. Carabineiro (FCT NOVA), Elvira Fortunato (FCT NOVA), João P. Oliveira (FCT NOVA), Miguel Pina e Cunha (Nova SBE), Rodrigo Martins (FCT NOVA), Miguel C. Seabra (NMS|FCM), Miguel A. Ferreira (Nova SBE), Manuel Ortigueira (FCT NOVA), Maria A. M. Reis (FCT NOVA), João Conde (NMS|FCM), Luis M. Camarinha-Matos (FCT NOVA), Pedro Póvoa (NMS|FCM), Rita, Paulo (NOVA IMS), Aleš Popovič (NOVA IMS), Pedro Neves  (Nova SBE), Pedro V. Baptista (FCT NOVA), Pedro Pita Barros (Nova SBE), Tomás B. Ramos (FCT NOVA), Ana Rita C. Duarte (FCT NOVA), M. Raydan (FCT NOVA), Alexandre Paiva (FCT NOVA), Luís Paulo N. Rebelo (FCT NOVA), Marta Aires-de-Sousa (ITQB NOVA), Raffaella Gozzelino (NMS|FCM), R. M. Miranda  (FCT NOVA), José Paulo Sampaio (FCT NOVA), Fernando C. Lidon (FCT NOVA), Inês Cardoso Pereira (ITQB NOVA), Helena Carvalho  (FCT NOVA), José L.  Capelo (FCT NOVA), Miguel Viveiros (IHMT NOVA), Virgílio Cruz-Machado (FCT NOVA), Fabrizio Macagno (NOVA FCSH), Chrysi Rapanta (NOVA FCSH), Manuel A.G. Silva  (FCT NOVA), Ana L. Fernando (FCT NOVA), Fernando Bação (NOVA IMS), Fernando Pina (FCT NOVA), Mauro Castelli (NOVA IMS), Alexandra R. Fernandes (FCT NOVA), Catarina Roma-Rodrigues (FCT NOVA), Radu Godina (FCT NOVA), Pedro Barquinha (FCT NOVA), Florbela Pereira (FCT NOVA), Rita A. Ribeiro (FCT NOVA), Filomena Freitas (FCT NOVA), Manuela Aparício (NOVA IMS), Susana Viegas (ENSP-NOVA), Hugo C. Biscaia (FCT NOVA), Carla Maia (IHMT NOVA), Pedro Cabral (NOVA IMS), Carla Viegas (ENSP-NOVA), Telmo G. Santos (FCT NOVA), Tiago Bilhim (NMS|FCM), Rodrigo Gonçalves (FCT NOVA), Leonardo Vanneschi (NOVA IMS), João Martins (FCT NOVA), Carla Sofia e Sá Farinha (FCT NOVA), Jorge Miguel Bravo (NOVA IMS).