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ADN Award with nearly fourty applications

About 40 projects were submitted to the competition in the scope of the Acting Differently Prize at NOVA, whose final results will be known at the end of April 21st, with the announcement of the winning projects in the scope of the Gala of Organisational Innovation that will take place then.   


"It is with great satisfaction that we close the application period with more than 40 projects submitted to the competition in this first edition of the ADN Awards. This is an unequivocal sign that NOVA is innovative in what it does, has several good practices and is always looking for the best solutions to the challenges it faces", considered Pedro Saraiva, vice-rector who, among others, coordinates the area of Organisational Innovation and Digital Transformation, regarding the ADN Awards, launched in early 2023 to stimulate innovation and recognise the good practices existing within the university.    

Known by the acronym DNA, the Acting Differently Prize at NOVA was based on recognising good practices in the institution, also seeking to disseminate the most innovative ones and contribute to the development of a culture of organisational innovation - and received, by the end of February, more than 40 applications, spread across the Rectory, SAS and Organic Units.    

 "It is very important that universities also stimulate organisational innovation. This is in NOVA's DNA from the first moment and is present throughout the last five decades. But 2023 is the start year of a reinforced agenda of betting on Organisational Innovation, which includes a wide range of initiatives, open to the collaboration and participation of all members of the NOVA community", underlined Vice-Rector Pedro Saraiva, at the time of the launching of the ADN awards.    

 The applications will now be assessed by a group of external elements at NOVA. Accordingly, up to three monetary prizes may be awarded to the most globally outstanding projects in each edition of the ADN award, in the value of € 2 500 - as well as Honourable Mentions, and all applications will receive a Participation Diploma.       

The announcement and awarding of the ADN prizes will take place annually in NOVA's Gala of Organisational Innovation, to be held, whenever possible, on April 21st of each year (World Creativity and Innovation Day).