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Entrepreneurial initiative to leverage the collective intelligence of the academic community

Beyond COVID19  is the entrepreneurial initiative by which the NOVA School of Science and Technology challenges the academic community to contribute with a positive and optimistic impact .

Beyond COVID19 aims to provide a solution for all that are looking to somehow help and contribute to overcome the situation we are currently facing due to the new coronavirus disease - COVID-19, and don't know how to do it. It further aims to promote a serious analysis about different challenges that the world, but more specifically Portugal, is currently facing, and promote the emergence and sharing of creative and innovative solutions, through the power of collective intelligence and community.

Beyond COVID19 promotes a solution-oriented acceleration program, directed to the Portuguese academic community, in order to provide support and join efforts to find regional, national and international real-life solutions to solve the big challenges that have emerged from this pandemic. The topics covered include Healthcare Solutions; Prevention of spread of COVID-19; Delivery of Commodities; Social and Emotional Support; Help Businesses go Digital; Decentralised and Remote work within organisations; E-Governance; Education and Skill Upgrade; Economic paradigm shift and Building trust in society.

Beyond COVID19 is not a competition, but rather has the objective to promote collaboration in order to find impactful solutions that can help the society overcome this situation. Due to the urgent need of finding new approaches , this challenge will run in 5 phases that will take place during 3 full weeks, where participants will have the possibility to work with facilitators to boost the implementation of the solutions proposed.

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