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IV NOVAhealth Scientific Day emphasised the role of external collaborations in organizations

The event took place in the Rectorate of NOVA and had the presence of national and international speakers.

IV Jornadas NOVAsaúde

The IV NOVAhealth Scientific Day took place at the Rectorate of NOVA on November 7, under the topic "How external collaborations contribute to efficiency and innovation?"

External Collaborations have been assuming an important role in the sustentability of every organization. With the purpose of generating a platform of knowledge through external collaborations of Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, the event had a pannel of guests that shared their experiences and presented strategies of development of research with different stakeholders. 

We highlight the presentation of Professor Marc Craps, from KU Leuven, on transdisciplinar collaboration for a sustainable future, in which he emphasised the importance of understanding the complex nature of reality to involve different scientific subjects, in order to create synergetic sustainable solutions. In the words of the speaker, «if we want to have impact in our society, we can not have the illusion we will do it on our own».

Professor Luís Almeida Costa (Nova SBE), who was also present, addressed the subject of Competition and Cooperation and completed the idea of the relevance of external collaborations through the description of new forms of value creation by companies. In a brief intervention, Luís Almeida Costa, captivated the audience clarifying that nowadays the strategy of companies is not about the position on the market's product, but in the identification of distinct competencies (valuable actives) and their respective capitalization, which may actually mean acting in other sections of the market or even outside of this.

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