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NOVA at the European Researchers' Night 2020

Researchers from several NOVA schools participate in this event

The European Researchers' Night takes place on 27th November, this time with a completely online program dedicated to the theme “Science and Nature”.

Researchers from several NOVA schools participate in this event, starting at 2:30 pm with diverse activities targeting audiences of all ages.

FCT NOVA, which is part of the consortium that organizes this event, participates with more than 30 science and engineering activities sharing its areas of teaching and research. This year, FCT NOVA will also present two research projects with social impact.

ITQB NOVA also participates with various activities,in both live and deferred formats. Microscopy will be the star of the activity “Games of light in the microscopic world”, in a live broadcast. There will also be video premieres - the 6th episode of the “Scientists at Home” series, “How many colors do the leaves have?”, where paper chromatography will be carried out to show the leaf pigments; and the new episode of the series “Lab Demo” whose title is “Biotechnology for a circular economy“.

The presentation of the digital collections at the ROSSIO Infrastructure by NOVA FCSH comes with an invitation for a digital tour of the historic gardens and parks of Portugal. There will also be a quiz about writing inks sharing knowledge about the world of medieval and modern inks used to write on parchment or paper. IHMT NOVA, on the other hand, will teach what is a biobank and share its collections of insects. NMS presents Patient Innovation, an online platform for sharing solutions developed by patients, caregivers and employees, with the aim of promoting social innovation and sustainable development in the health area. Nova SBE will bring a podcast on the ABC of Environmental Economics, Sustainability on a daily basis.

These are just a few examples of NOVA's participation. Find out more about the European Researchers Night 2020 and access the full program.