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The NOVA experience presented at the American University in Cairo

NOVA’s Vice-Rector João Amaro de Matos will be keynote speaker in a conference about the future of internationalisation for business schools 


"Challenges and opportunities of partnership with the mother university: the example of NOVA Cairo" was the theme of the communication presented today by Vice-Rector João Amaro de Matos at the event taking place at the Business School of the American University of Cairo (AUC), being a reflection on the path taken by NOVA University of Lisbon in its internationalization process, when opening a campus in Cairo with programmes from NOVA IMS, NOVA SBE and NOVA FCT.

"Although there are some very interesting examples of business schools that have prospered without a mother university (such as the London School of Economics or the French INSEAD - an acronym for Institut européen d'administration des affaires), what NOVA's experience in Cairo demonstrates is that the possibility for a school to go global is much broader within a mother university," argues the Vice-Rector of NOVA.

The presentation was included in the panel "The future of internationalisation of business schools", in the event that takes place at AUC until the 2nd of November.

The director of NOVA Cairo, Professor Francisco Caramelo, also participates in the event.